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rayer and
Shawls of Hope is a unique ministry founded in September, 2007. The original Prayer Shawl Ministry was started by Janet Bristow & Victoria Galo, two graduates of the Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut. In 1998, they initially began knitting shawls to express their love & prayers for new mothers & women with breast cancer. It has since become a global ministry that has touched the hearts & souls of countless people around the world. It reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace, as well as in times of celebration & joy. Many blessings & prayers are woven into every shawl. The knitter begins each shawl with prayers for the recipient & continues throughout its creation. When the shawl is complete, it is given a final blessing before being sent along its way. The shawls not only provide physical warmth but spiritual comfort as well.

There are countless reasons for giving a shawl but those created through Shawls of Hope, coordinated by mother & daughter duo (Helen Knowles & Josie Hadley) are intended to provide hope through prayerful support & encouragement to those who are ill, grieving or troubled.
Shawls of Hope
founded & coordinated by
Helen Knowles & Josie Hadley
Bathurst, N.B., Canada
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